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The Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society raised the funding and created a major heritage attraction in Lake Charlotte - The Memory Lane Heritage Village.
Located just off the #7 Highway on 4 acres of donated land.

The creation of the Heritage Village was a major undertaking for the Heritage Society involving thousands of hours of volunteer time and the donation of many artifacts.

The overall value of the project is close to $700,000 with almost $350,000 in funding from all three levels of government. The Heritage Society's contribution is about $350,000 of which $250,000 is in-kind contributions, leaving a balance of $100,000 in cash to he raised by the Society.

To raise our share of the money needed to complete the project we need all of the help we can get.

The Society's Fundraising Committee has organized three separate fund raising campaigns which provide an opportunity for everyone to help with a donation, small or large. All donors will receive a charitable donation tax receipt.

Please look at the information about each of the campaigns and see if you can help us. Contact the
Heritage Society as soon as possible.

Lake Charlotte Area Heritage Society
Box 1937 Lake Charlotte, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia  B0J 1Y0
Phone: (902) 845-1937    Fax: (902) 845-2477

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